“Turning Haters into Motivators: My Journey of Rising from Hate”**

I know I was M.I.A from writing and wordpress.Honestly the last month was haunting and filled with pain and loss . I found writing and publishing meaningless because every post I used to post , the hate comments would swirl in .

I agree hate is a reminder that you are growing in your writing journey but it got overwhelming for me

And I stopped writing. But my friends pulled me out of that spiral and I am so grateful that I have such amazing people.

So now I have decided to give the torch to you , just remember your aren’t alone…

Alright, let’s talk real stuff. We’re in this digital jungle, and hate comments? Yeah, they’re like the gnarly thorns in our social media journey. But you know what’s wild? I managed to spin those hate bombs into something kinda beautiful. Buckle up, because I’m about to share my story of how I danced through the storm of negativity and turned those hate comments into my personal boosters.

Was it easyyy??? Hell Nooo

**Facing the Hate Tornado:**
Picture this: your phone buzzes, and you check to find a hate comment. Bam! It’s like getting a slap from the universe. My first hate comment hit like a freight train to the soul. The venomous words made my confidence take a nosedive. Sleep? Nah, it was a VIP ticket to the land of overthinking. But guess what? I wasn’t the only warrior in this battle, and that’s kinda comforting yet equally disturbing.

**Bouncing Back with Resilience:**
So, I had a choice to make. Was I gonna let some keyboard warrior determine my self-worth? Heck no! I decided to rock emotional armor like a boss. I mean, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, even if it’s dipped in bitterness. Coping? Yeah, self-care rituals became my go-to. Meditation? More like daily therapy. Oh, and mentors who’d faced the same crap? They were my Jedi council.

**Fueling Up on Hate (Yeah, Really):**
This might sound insane, but I flipped hate into rocket fuel. I mean, who doesn’t wanna prove haters wrong? Their toxic comments lit a fire under me. I transformed those words into my secret weapon for success. And you know what’s sweet? Seeing them squirm as I crushed my goals. It’s like giving negativity a one-way ticket to oblivion.

**Finding Me in the Rubble:**
It’s nuts, but hate comments can kinda be like a mirror. They show you stuff about yourself you didn’t even know was there. I decided to dive into this chaos and ended up on a self-discovery bender. Yeah, it hurt, diving into my own insecurities, but the result? Uncovered strengths I never saw coming. It’s like hate turned into a personal growth jackpot.

**Unleashing My Inner Crusader:**
Guess what? Hate had a side effect I never saw coming. It sparked a rebellious fire in me. Suddenly, I wasn’t a passive bystander; I became a voice for change. My platform became a fortress against negativity, shining a light on how those toxic comments mess with our heads. Turning the tables? That’s what empowerment feels like.

**My Crew of Survivors:**
In the midst of the chaos, I found a tribe of fellow survivors. They knew the sting, the punch, and the gut-wrenching feeling of hate. Sharing our battle stories was like a lifeline. We formed this band of warriors, united by our scars and stories. Turns out, connecting with others who’ve been through the same mudslide is like finding gold in the wreckage.

**Chasing Rainbows in Thunderstorms:**
Keeping a sunny outlook when surrounded by hate storms was like acrobatics for the soul. But, I figured out the trick: focus on the good stuff. Gratitude? Oh yeah, it became my secret weapon. Genuine followers, the love they shared—it was like anti-hate armor. Mindfulness? It’s like catching rainbows in the middle of a thunderstorm.

So here’s the deal, amigos. Hate comments? They’re like mosquitoes in the summer—annoying, but you don’t have to let them ruin your picnic. My journey through the hate vortex taught me resilience, showed me corners of myself I’d never explored, and turned me into a crusader for positivity. The digital world is a jungle, but you? You’re the king or queen of your jungle. You can flip hate on its head, dance through the storm, and come out stronger on the other side. Embrace the growth, soak in the lessons, and let those haters be your unexpected motivators.

What do you guys think !!!!!????

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84 thoughts on ““Turning Haters into Motivators: My Journey of Rising from Hate”**”

      1. Life is short. Folks need what YOU have. Be encouraged. The fact that folk are taking the time to read your words is proof you ARE making a difference. For those who simply refuse to accept your love, grace and care…*🤷‍♀️. Their loss. Can’t wait to see more pieces.

      2. I was just talking to someone tonight about how short life is. I had made plans to hang out with mom in March. Life took her Christmas morning. Enjoy your life and those in it. If you have no one in it, start with me. You comment meant a lot to me. Be encouraged.

      3. You shall be blessed by taking the time to encourage another. You give hope to an exhausted soul. An answered prayer. A quench for a thirsty heart. Wow. Amazing life is. Who knew?

  1. Inspiring….I have ignored haters from the time I knew haters can derail your destiny…being an activist speaking and appearing in the media does not create good life for you . I needed to grow I thick skin and that’s what I have now … haters are enemies of your progress don’t focus on them..thank you for sharing this

  2. Could you point me to some of the posts where you got hate comments, or did you delete the comments?
    I am interested in how people perceive each other online and what different people take offense at.

  3. It’s awful what people will say when they are protected by the distance that technology offers them. I haven’t grown my blog to hate comment level yet, so here’s to hoping that I won’t be hit hard by it. If I do, I’ll have the post to remind me that I’m not alone and there are ways to get through it. I wish you (and anyone else who is reading this comment) the best of luck on your WordPress journey and that you prevail against the hate that comes your way.

  4. First, I’m sad to hear that you are going through some things. I l know exactly how that feels… you’re not alone.

    Second, I enjoyed reading your post! Your writing style is fun! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. FUN FACT: Creative people usually feel things deeper than the avg Joe/or/Karen- research it.. not making that up. Also, I feel you- I struggle with it too… I recently read a book that made me laugh a lot and touches on this. Favorite chapter is “HATERS GONNA HATE” The book is: “F***ing History” Here is the link for the book or audio: https://amzn.to/45lpHAG I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me and confirms what we already know: Haters gonna hate and if they are hating they are probably struggling themselves, insecure, or jealous of you. Normal people don’t just go around bashing people for fun.

    1. That’s really sweet i will check out the book ,yeah it’s their insecurities projecting on us but on some days it really hurts i wrote this blog on one of those days

  6. Thank you for sharing!! I just started my blog and your post inspired me to continue. You are amazing

  7. Never let your Light be blown by external factors..Let it shine and let it radiate so bright that it neutralise all the hate into love, kindness. Keep shining 🌟.

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