It’s like life is teaching me the same lesson.
Different chapters, but always the same question,
Is there something for which to strive for perfection?
Is it okay to be ordinary and not be an exception?
All the questions haunted me, and I stood at an interception.
felt like I was running in circles with no satisfaction.
I was functioning with aggression.
Being suffocated by oppression and depression 
I was seeking an explanation.
“Was I the weapon for my own destruction?”
Felt like amidst recession with no option 
My subconscious played it as a replay of an obsession.
I didn’t realize it was a cry and a call for introspection.


After lot of thoughts,conversations and suggestions
I figured something that i would like to mention
There’s no steady set direction ,
Everything is just a perception
Everyone has a different progression
At the end what matters is dedication
Because life is no fiction , 
Everything is a demonstration with convention
After every downfall, you are worthy of a resurrection
It’s okay to anticipate, exaggerate even question,
As there’s no such thing as salvation,
And this is my confession and realisation 
You are a prized possession , with flavours of complexion
Find your connection, empathise with your question
As you should admire your reflection.

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20 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. This is really good! A quick tip about blogging on WordPress I learned a little while ago: Use less than ten tags if you want people to find you on the update list. I suggest adding ‘poetry’ in all your poems. More people seem to be active on that tag rather than ‘poems’.

  2. It’s like I held onto every line in your progression. Wondering if I was the only one suppressing that introspection. Don’t let this mislead as I simply say indeed, that I enjoyed your poem because it made me feel less less alone. I sorta like talking in rhyme, riddles and poems when it feels right for responses of sorts. I appreciate that you shared a nice piece of writing with us.

      1. Yes, very much anxiety sigh with everything on and offline. It’s neat that I can enjoy the anxiety after sharing what I was anxious about. Yay to us new bloggers and trying to get used to this platform for expressing our written materials.

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