My Journey with Poestory Porium: From Side Hustle Dreams to Struggles

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My journey with Poestory Porium began as an exciting side hustle, driven by the hope of earning some extra money. Little did I know that it would become a test of perseverance, creativity, and resilience.

When I embarked on this venture, it was with grand visions of monetizing my passion for storytelling. After all, who doesn’t love a good story? I imagined a bustling online platform where people from all walks of life would come together to share their tales, their narratives, and, in return, we’d all benefit from the riches of the written word. I saw it as an opportunity to engage with fellow storytellers and, ideally, turn my passion into a source of income.

But the reality has been quite different from my initial expectations. Poestory Porium, though fueled by my enthusiasm and dedication, hasn’t managed to churn out the profits I had hoped for. In the world of side hustles, where some individuals seem to strike gold almost effortlessly, my journey has been a constant battle.

I’ve spent countless hours curating and promoting content, investing in website development and marketing, and trying to foster a vibrant community of storytellers. And while there have been moments of joy, pride, and camaraderie, the financial success I initially aspired to has proven elusive.

Perhaps the most challenging part of this journey has been dealing with the persistent feeling of discouragement. It’s disheartening to watch others seemingly achieve overnight success in their side hustles while you continue to toil away in relative obscurity. This constant struggle can lead to self-doubt and second-guessing, wondering if it’s all worth it.

The truth is, it’s been a humbling experience. But as I reflect on this journey, I realize that Poestory Porium has brought something far more valuable into my life than just monetary gains. It has given me the gift of resilience and the strength to persevere, even when the going gets tough.

I’ve connected with an incredible community of storytellers, each with their unique perspectives and tales to share. The feedback and encouragement I’ve received from this community have been a constant source of inspiration. Poestory Porium has also become a platform where creativity knows no bounds. The stories that have been shared, the art that has been created, and the emotions evoked through words have been truly priceless.

The side hustle journey has taught me that success is not solely defined by financial gain. It’s about the passion, the connections, and the personal growth that happens along the way. Poestory Porium has become a labour of love, and the satisfaction of seeing writers and readers come together to explore the beauty of storytelling is a reward in itself.

Don’t get me wrong; I still have dreams of turning this side hustle into a lucrative venture. But I’ve come to realize that success in the world of entrepreneurship and side hustles is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about adapting, learning from failures, and constantly evolving.

So, to those who, like me, started a side hustle with dreams of quick financial success, I say this: it’s okay to be patient, to adapt, and to find fulfilment in the journey itself. Poestory Porium has taught me that success is not measured solely in dollars and cents but in the impact we have on others and the joy we find in our endeavours.

In conclusion, my journey with Poestory Porium may not have led to the financial success I initially aimed for, but it has been a deeply rewarding and enlightening experience. This side hustle has taught me the importance of resilience, passion, and the incredible power of a supportive community. While I may not have achieved my initial financial goals, the personal growth and fulfilment I’ve gained from Poestory Porium have been priceless. It’s a reminder that success comes in many forms, and sometimes, the journey itself is the greatest reward.

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41 thoughts on “My Journey with Poestory Porium: From Side Hustle Dreams to Struggles”

  1. I would consider myself new to the blogger game, being a year in my journey. I’ve been following you and appreciate your posts. I am thoroughly enjoying the creative aspect and not looking to monetize from blogging, but would love to build a healthy platform. It’s a slow go and love doing it with others!

  2. Been there, done that and know your pain. My own “side hussle” has been a struggle and any hope for monetary success has become less of a goal than say fifteen years ago when I wrote my first book, This Life: My Life After My Stroke.

      1. “I’ve been weaving wordz into poemz, I do say
        forevermore *&* each day
        I have my own style, swag, diction,*&* class
        via creating poemez slow then fast
        yes, poetry that forever last-

        Words are the most powerful tools
        in a poet’s arsenal of creativity not taught in school
        God endowed me with the gift to manifest poems
        from my brain drpping innovation
        upon my mind, over my heart into my soul-

        I have come not to challenge
        but to allege
        I appear
        to see*&*hear
        where are the poets
        who aren’t copycats
        but an original doG
        akin to a Caterpillar morphed into a Butterfly-

        By: Van Prince

    1. *&* Oftentimes a sidehustle will become the main course
      *&* become your major as opposed to your minor
      *&* behold you become wealthy moneywise *&* otherwisw.”

      By: Van Prince

  3. I tried years ago writing to get paid. It is not easy. Don’t let it deter you. Keep going!
    I have found over the years that I now write for pure pleasure. I write what’s on my mind and in my heart. I write about the life lessons God is teaching me. I write about world events at times (my how we live in changing times!) Once and awhile a political rant spews out of my ink jar.
    I write at least one song per year and keep them journaled. I write daily meditations. Sometimes a friend is in need of encouragement.
    I enjoy writing to encourage others the most!
    I guess I had to find what my heart’s desire truly is to understand why I write. Where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be also.
    Not sure if this helps you at all but I appreciate reading about your journey.
    I hope you find success in all that you seek to achieve! Keep writing until the ink runs out or your keyboard crashes.😊

  4. When you are on your journey to grand-theft legal success make your side-hustle your 1st priority and don’t compare yourself to others; because breaks of the game come to some at their debut, for several at their intermissin, and for many at the encore. When one has the talent that is only a part of it, one must have the skills and finesse with and patience to stay the course and produce and promote the creative and innovative products!

  5. Poetry became at the very botton of all genres hip hoptyurned poemz into rapsand droppin’t from blood-raw-to raw as egg-whites. So Hip Hop is number 1,and its roots manifested from da-dirt-of-da-ghetto and its motto is, ‘the game never stop and it ain’t over until a playa say it is over. And your side hustle from stuggles, dreamz and etc,. when you stopbeong par-for-da-course and play 2-endz-against-the-middle-*&*-burn-da-candle-at-both-endz. You got the taleny *&* sway and step out there and clock $$$$!

    By: Van Prince

  6. No more hurry no more fuss, sail on until self-floats past all of the deep soul agitation unexpected energy deductions open for infinite deposits of uplift and spiritual possessions every tear drawn back to eyes closed to self destruction and all negative vibe step aside now self-floats…

  7. I can so relate to this post. I started @esmereldatales years ago in my mind, filled my thoughts and emotions on paper long before I understood the significance of my actions. I have been working for the past year to bring to reality all my visions about it and it has been a journey to remember. Not easy, filled with complex multifaceted factors to consider and overcome. But like you said, the journey itself is crucial. I have a dream or dreams 😊 and I have to believe in it, so that I can positively go on this wild ride. It’s a hustle but it is a beautiful one.

  8. It is so touching. I had a similar hope but in another platform, a daydream that I would start earning immediately which was dashed. My lesson was that success is a journey filled with many lessons and that requires patience and perseverance. So let us not despair.

  9. If you put passion first I think the rest is bound to follow. It sounds like you’ve begun to free yourself from the shackles of expectation. Expectations usually provide the means necessary for suffering. But from reading your post it is evident you have begun to learn the lesson being provided and I would wager that through this somewhat newfound lens and perspective you can begin adding the true value to the world that you were meant to.

    So take it as a step in the right direction and closer to your goal! Because now you are truly free to create without worry of creating the most profitable content or writing for a particular audience.

    People will resonate the most with your soul and sensing sincerity within your content. This post resonates with that and you seem to have garnished a lot of good engagement from it. Let that speak to you also.

    The truth is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. And you are doing great. And when you let go you will find inversely that will create for you the abundance you are looking for.

    But it doesn’t come externally into you, it comes externally out of you. You are what you are looking for. You are the light of the world, so shine.

    Thanks for your post, I’m on a similar path. 🙏

    1. Money is the medium by which we live and the median by which we continue to live and if you arewriting for a hobby and have other means to live by and not merely exist good, but I write to bring the world whatever, buy I wtite to get paid. is getting paid. Why? It’s business and writing is a business and Iwill get paid because Iam confident with with persistence anddtermination to get paid and if we come together and createa publising company here we can get paid!

  10. Believe it or not I am the one to follow and follow you… some here turned against me because of my posts of Suma Reddy who tried to destroy me here, but I told the truth and y’all don’t see her denying that truth. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. Sums isa star her and she’s a top notch writer, but don’t come out againsat me for because of jealousy and peer pressure. This writing forum on here is better than on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn writers stick together as opposed to writers. Whoever can join me you arewelcome and if not I don’t hate your choice; because my job is to write and Iwrite every day regardless. Loveall of you with much respect. I do!

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