Falling in Love timeline

Hey !!! I know I have been missing, and there’s a reason for it! My exams have been going on, and I haven’t had the time to declutter my thoughts!
But today is one of those days where I need to pen it down; otherwise, the dam of emotions would flood!
So, I am at an age where people are dating or getting married. This is honestly weird because we saw each other do stupid stuff, and then you suddenly have a weird enlightenment bulb going inside your brain saying, “Congratulations, you have finally grown up.”
But have I? I’m still coming to terms with adulting, and I am already in chaos. I have watched thousands of videos of ‘ That Girl and Getting Your Life Together” vlogs, but my life is nothing as aesthetically pleasing as theirs.
Am I complaining? No
Because I enjoy this chaos, honestly.
It gives me a weird thrill to find and explore myself in chaos.
I get a high out of it.
And I am also slowly loving myself more every day.
So that’s a lesson in itself.
On the good days, I like the beautiful mess, but on the bad days, I ask myself so many questions.
So what do I do to cheer myself up? I read my old journal entries!
“On February 13, 2012, a young girl wrote in her diary that she would fall in love at the age of 21, among a lot of other timelines. She believed in Prince Charming and Cinderella shoes! Sometimes I am jealous of that little girl! Of how untainted and naive she was!
This is true because the same girl is chuckling while reading that diary entry! She hasn’t found love, but somewhere along the line she even stopped believing in it.”
This was one of the excerpts I read, and I have been thinking!
I haven’t found love, and I want to! I want to feel the emotions and everything in between somewhere along the line, even the heartbreak, to know what inspired the great writers to write such amazing sonnets and books.
Would my content be any different if I ever fell in love, or would I change?
Does it make me creatively superior to romanticise about every aspect of my life; we’ll probably find out in the future, hopefully.
So, now, the love gods, please have mercy and send me my prince charming.
I exactly know what you are thinking! She is desperate!
No, I have reached my self-sufficiency level, where I enjoy my own company and am more than happy with myself.
But there are days when I just crave that feeling of wholesomeness and attachment.
Where do I reach out, to seek my Atlas, Noah, or Augustus?
As a hopeless romantic, that feeling intensifies.
Am I being weird ???
I have so many questions…
According to my fictional romantic podium, they advise you not to search for love as it happens at the most unexpected time.
So my next question is, “How do you know?”
How long are we supposed to wait? Shouldn’t we just take matters into our own hands? Isn’t it much simpler?
On a very random note, wouldn’t it be interesting if there was an alarm notification on your phone if you were in the near vicinity of your soulmate?
Maybe someday it will be, with AI and stuff, matching humans based on all your preferences and ideologies and creating clusters. I guess that’s Tinder on the soulmate level.
So isn’t love being duplicated or even coerced into an artificial setting?

I am going off track, I know! But think about it: from our younger selves to now, we have been taught that love is beautiful! But I blatantly disagree! Love is also ugly; it’s transformative and an uncharted territory. For each person, it’s a journey of its own. The twists and turns, emotions, heartfelt exploration, exhilarating beginnings, and profound depths of a simple yet beautiful connection
It’s a poem in itself.
Starts with self-love, as you have to be whole before you seek comfort from others. A plethora of introspection, healing, and cultivation, embracing strengths, and admitting your vulnerabilities often lay a good foundation of love as you seek contentment in yourself before reaching out to anyone else! Why were we never taught this? Our school stories started with Cinderella needing a magical wand to feel beautiful, but she wasn’t. She failed to see herself as anything but a person with low self-esteem and dependence syndrome.
It’s weird how now when I look back at fairytales, they are a mess of their own.
Why am I writing this? Because I know many of us feel the timeline is foggy, but it’s okay foggy, but it’s okay! You are way too amazing, and the other person is searching for you, I promise, or you can just take matters into your own hands.
Love is a serendipitous feeling, and that encounter unfolds something extraordinary.
It’s filled with triumphs and trials, compromises, and emotions, from intoxicating highs to challenging lows. You learn lessons, you make compromises you adjust as sparks aren’t everything to face storms of turmoil.
It’s a catalyst for love and growth. It’s an evolution in itself.
So your timeline right now may seem bleak, but trust me, it will be a testament in itself.

How do I know all this? Books and annoying love-struck friends.
I have reconciled my faith in love, and I’m giving love another chance.
Am I knocking on the door? No
But I am also not putting a lock on my door.
So this is where I tell you to hang in there and not get paranoid about your timeline of love.
Because it will eventually happen.
When it happens, you will have a high of your own.
Till then,
Sending lots of love and positivity.

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29 thoughts on “Falling in Love timeline”

  1. Uhm…the age range for dating and getting married is actually a wide one lol

    To be fair, I’m actually not bothered about marriage 😁 some people make these vows then split up because of irreconcilable differences or it just got difficult, they couldn’t cope with it. Or they found someone else etc

    I suppose I have my own views on marriage. Whatever it is, don’t let it spoil your views about (so-called) love ☺️ love is something a lot of people use and misuse for some kind of gain, good or bad.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m in a happy relationship for 6 years, but we have no plans of getting married (ever). Being happy is all that matters ☺️

      1. After all the unpleasant things I’ve been through with relationships, yeah that’s all that matters☺️ you take your time!

  2. You seem to have your head on really straight about love. That you would say, “Am I knocking on the door? No, but I am also not putting a lock on my door” shows that you’re in a very realistic and balanced position to welcome love when that special someone arrives. They will, and they will be so lucky to find you. 🙂

  3. In my experience (and I’ve had my fair share), love hits two ways. One, you fall in lust, which keeps you together while you get to know, like, then eventually, love the person. Two, what starts as a friendship, blossoms into love as you get to know, like, then love the person. I suppose what it boils down to is giving the man a chance to truly know him for love to develop. And also, in the long run, “liking” the man is the most important thing in a lasting relationship. You can love someone, and still not like them. You probably have a least one relative who you love, but don’t like. Liking is very important.

  4. “How long are we supposed to wait? Shouldn’t we just take matters into our own hands? Isn’t it much simpler?” Wow! What a chord has been struck. I could have written these exact words at the age of 27. Speaking from experience, I can now answer these questions. There is no timeline on finding love. No, one should not take matters into their own hands. Yes, it should be much simpler. I married on a timetable and I didn’t realize it much at the time. I was so concerned about the ticking bomb. I lost sight of love. I lost sight of the surrendering to God. I wish you patience. I wish you love.

      1. I used to have a poster hanging on my wall as a child. It said….before you meet your handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of toads. I kissed those toads ….no prince yet. Lol. ~Di

  5. I don’t know if this is helpful or not but I found true authentic love when I wasn’t looking. I had, just a few months before, swore off guys to focus on God and then BAM 💥 there he is! I agree with the above statements about not particularly looking for Prince Charming, as in be careful not to put your intended love on a pedestal- lest he will fall. But do search for friendship and genuine love! 🤍

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