Changes in Spring

In the gentle, warm embrace of spring, .
It sparked a new life, a strange pursuit.
Flowers burst in a riot of colors, .
When nature wakes up from hibernation.

The sun goes up, the days grow longer,
We are all part of this rhythm of renewal.
The flowers burst in delicate grace, .
A moment of hope, a sticky embrace.

Robin’s song fills the morning air, .
A desire for happiness, unmatched.
The fields are grass and lush green, .
Beauty everywhere, a must-see.

Leaves begin to sprout from the bare trees, .
A whisper of life, no doubt.
The floral scent is sweet and very gentle.
As nature designs and harmonizes landscapes.

The bees dance in the gentle breeze, .
Between flowers and leaves, not so hard.
The bees gather pollen and sing,
Everything in this world in reincarnation has passed away.

The rivers are crystal clear.
The essence of life flows, without fear.
Animals wake up from hibernation, .
They are blessed with spring renewal.

Children laugh and play in the sun,
Their happy, harmonious voices.
As the winter hold strength provides the grip, .
A new chapter of life begins to unfold.

So, embrace this moment, pure and divine, .
A valuable sign of nature’s renewal.
hope, change, the infinite art of life, .
The beauty of spring always warms the heart.

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20 thoughts on “Changes in Spring”

  1. The line, “everything in reincarnation has passed away…” Could you explain this to me? If everything reincarnated has passed away, what is it doing with spring, which is renewal of life? Otherwise, it is an excellent celebration of spring’s rich promise! 😀

    1. Sure thing! That line basically means that everything in this world is always changing, just like the idea of reincarnation where you’re born again in a new form. It’s like saying nothing stays the same forever – people, nature, even our thoughts and experiences, they all go through a cycle of change and renewal. So, don’t worry if things seem tough now, they’ll change for the better eventually! 😊

      1. Thought you might-! Last night I got mixed up by the similarities of two of my poems’ titles-and answered a question for the one with an answer related to the other!

  2. karma comes from one’s own heart/soul. It is our own heart/soul that collects the negative energies created by acting on our negative thoughts, stores them and releases the energies as our negative fates. We reap what we have sowed.

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